5 Major Signs ⛔️ You're Being Ghosted 👻 ...


Being ghosted does not just mean you never hear from someone again.

Ghosting comes in all types of forms.

I’m here to share with you the 5 main signs you are being ghosted.

These range from him ignoring your texts, only wanting to hang out as a booty call, to talking solely via social media, and more!

1. He Doesn’t Respond to Your Texts

The first sign of being ghosted is that he becomes a ghost.2

Ladies, stop wasting your time on this scheze.

When you have been talking to a guy, and he ignores your texts, this is a sure fire sign you are getting ghosted.

Give it two tries.

I am not saying to text him three times in a row, “Hello?”, “Helloooooo”, “Hellooo!!

Are you there?”.

I am saying if he doesn’t respond to the first, “Hey, what’s up”, wait a few days and try him again.

If he doesn’t reply to that, then 100% bounce!

He Texts You during the Week, but Not the Weekend
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