7 Signs You're in a Bad Relationship ...


It’s key that you know the signs you’re in a bad relationship for your emotional and mental health. Being in a bad relationship is damaging for your self esteem and self image as well as for your partner. Most importantly, it’s not worth your time or efforts to be in a bad relationship. To save you time and grief, here are a few signs you’re in a bad relationship.

1. Trust Issues

One of the signs you’re in a bad relationship is that there are several trust issues. Trust issues can vary from “small” things, such as your partner, or yourself, going through each other’s phones to filter through contacts and text messages, to bigger scenarios, such as asking for proof of where you are and whom you’re with.



Tammy Sellards
I have been abused in every single way anyone could be abused. I stayed in the relationship way too long. I'm much happier alone than I ever was being controlled, cheated on, physically, sexually, verbally abused on a regular basis. Thank God I am still alive
It is true. I can honestly say I am in a relationship that includes, trust issues, cheating, lying, and not having nothing in common anymore. After seven years of an unhealthy relationship, it is so h...
sheryl white
I am in a relationship with a man who doesn't consider my feelings our relationship is on and off no stability what so ever that's definitely a sign of time to move on before emotional damage is done leaving the relationship while I am still intact mind, body, and sole.
I recently got of an emotionally abusive relationship and reading this article clearly indicates that I made the right decision.
Nicole Owens
These signs certainly indicate that I was in a bad relationship...
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