9 Obvious 💡 Signs You're in the Wrong 🚫 Relationship 💑 ...


Do you ever get the sinking feeling that your partner might just not be right for you?

Sure, we all have our doubts every now and then and relationships take work;2

but, there are certain instances when you’re in the wrong relationship and it’s not just not working out as we’d like it to.

If you feel like you might be in the wrong relationship, Farrah GrayYou has some insightful advice on how to tell if your relationship isn’t good for you.2

1. The Opinion of Others Does Matter

The Opinion of Others Does Matter

So you’re madly in love with your partner, but your friends, family, and even your pet aren’t so excited about your new love interest.

Don’t ignore their concerns!

When starting out in a new relationship it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, but it’s important to take their opinion seriously.

You’ve also got to consider the fact that their feelings about him/ her likely won’t change in the future which could complicate things.

2. Don’t Always Be the One Adjusting

Don’t Always Be the One Adjusting

One of the great things about relationships is that your partner can make you want to be a better version of yourself.

Maybe he encourages you to spend more time volunteering or she helps you come up with ways to get that promotion at work.

However, if your partner is always pointing out your faults and wants you to change, is he/she really in love with the real you?

You can’t always be the one changing in order to please your partner.

3. You’re Always Being Criticized

You’re Always Being Criticized

No one is perfect and if you find that your partner puts you down a lot, constantly compares you to others, or makes mean “jokes”, it’s time to let him/ her know that it’s not acceptable!

Your partner should love you for you, not a “work in progress” version of you.

Your partner should be accepting, loving, and most of all make you feel good about yourself.

You’re the Follower and Your Partner is Always the Leader
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