7 Signs You're Not over Your Ex Yet ...


Simply put, you're not yet over your ex-flame when you constantly think about him. Friends often tell you to get a grip and just stop moping around like a sick dog. You tell them you're okay and have, in fact, moved on. But honey, the following signs and actions tell you that you're really not over your ex yet:

1. Text Messages Still in Your Inbox

One tell-tale sign that you're not over him? You still keep his messages in your inbox from those days that you were still together. You've memorized messages like this "Hey sweetie, you are so beautiful today. You mean the world to me. I love you dearly. Dinner later?" and yet you keep reading it.

Maintain a Close Relationship with His Family


The best book I ever read about break ups is titled "it's called break up because it's broken" this book helped me a lot.
Raquel Reid
Right time will come to heal, don't force.
C Santiago
I thought I wasn't over my ex, according to this rubric I definitely am!
ugh break ups are awful. especially if it's with the one you love. :(
As soon as I break up with my boyfriend the best thing to do is delete everything of him or anything reminding you of him, throw out all the memories, get a spa day, go shopping and download Tinder
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