13 Signs You're Not Ready to Be in a Relationship ...


You’ve met someone and the sparks are flying, but before you start that fire, make sure you recognize the signs you’re not ready to be in a relationship. If you identify with any of these red flags, you might need to fly solo until you’re up to a major commitment. Here are 8 top signs to look out for before heading for Couplesville.

1. You’re Unhappy

While dishing about expensive dates to your gal pals might cheer you up momentarily, let’s face it: you’re using the person you're dating. If you’re not satisfied with where you’re at, you need to work at it, girl! Believe me, when your partner realizes that he or she is a feel-good tool, it’ll be one of the worst feelings in the world. And racking up the bad karma points won’t be fun for you.

You’re Not over Your Ex


and at the end of the day .....all we hope for is a good sleep
aaahhhh, in a perfect world, we would all see things in hind sight. part of the beauty of love. it makes you burn and glow and gasp for air and question yourself
opened my eyes to many things i didnt realize(:
@Anna, I thought I was the only one that ever felt that! I get that exact same feeling in my stomach. It's really hard to explain, but after I realize that person likes me back, I try anything to make him think that I don't like him.
Guess I shouldn't be in a relationship anytime soon lmao
O GOD............
o god
Isabella Coles
@M_A_guy - Friendship is the important part, I reckon! It might take her a while to see if she wants more or not, so keep being her friend, don't give up 😊
We flirt in chat groups in whatsapp and on txt msgs even
I've gone out dates with this girl although she said she is not interested in a relationship...then why still go out with me ? Confused
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