19 Signs You're Obsessed with Him and How to Stop ...


Have you been showing the signs you’re obsessed with him?

My big sister always told me when she thought I was obsessing over a guy, and I'd always roll my eyes and disagree.

Little did I know, my sister was right.

If I would have put more attention towards other things and not towards whatever guy I was obsessing over, I would have been better off.

Here are a few signs you're obsessed with him, and how to stop.

1. Your Mind

If you’re a little obsessed with him, you won’t be able to get him out of your mind.

If you are constantly thinking of him while you’re walking your dog, while you’re eating, while you’re chatting with your friends, while you’re doing your homework, while you’re at work, while you’re showering and while you’re falling asleep, then this must just be one of the sure signs you're obsessed with him.2

You Spend All Your Time on Him


What if your obsessed because your lying to yourself? Hi guys I'm Jasmine I have been with my guy for only a year .I'm 21 and he's 29 , actually my first boyfriend , i have recently found out he was cheating on me ,.I drive myself sick everyday because Iv confronted him many times and he gets mad at me and ignores my questions . He recently put A lock on his phone , he forgot about his email and I have been checking it daily , I don't know why I'm still here . I found out two weeks ago that I'm 3 weeks pregnant and now my minds spinning , i need someone to help me . I'm lying to myself and I need someone to give me perspective , please be as honest , I'm about to make life changing decisions
I might be obsessed with a guy right now because I Am resisting the urge to text him, it's been a day and a half and I guess I'm giving him a chance to miss me....but isn't this what a crush is about?lol I don't know I'm bad at all this.
Riley Watkins
I met this guy about five years ago and we weren't friends until just two years ago, but I felt like it was love at first sight. I know that's silly and it can't be true, but I've always been a little obsessed with him and I've only been able to stop for months at a time when we didn't really talk. Recently he told me he loved me, though, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about him since then. I'm really happy to have him in my life, but I'd prefer to have him as a boyfriend or just a friend, and he doesn't want either of those. Point is, I can't get him off my mind and it's starting to annoy even me.
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