8 Signs You're Ready to Move in Together ...


If you’ve been with your boyfriend for a while, you may be looking for signs you’re ready to move in together.

This is a big step with a lot of things to consider.

To help you make sure, here are eight signs you’re ready to move in together.

1. You Have Your Own Life

This is not just one of the major signs you’re ready to move in together, it’s one of the cardinal rules of relationships.

It’s so important to have your own life.

Don’t neglect your friends or hobbies completely for the sake of your partner.2

Sure, there will be some give and take, but always be true to the things that make you you.

Keeping your own schedule and doing your own thing is key when it comes to living together.

You’re going to want time apart at times, so having your own life will really be important.

2. You’re out of the Honeymoon Phase

Being out of the honeymoon phase is essential if you’re thinking of moving in together.

The honeymoon phase doesn’t always have a specific time limit, but it’s usually anytime within the six months to one year mark of a relationship.

During the honeymoon phase you’re still craving each other at all times.

You still think your man is beyond perfection.

You haven’t quite gotten to the point where you recognize a few of each other’s quirks in order to start accepting them.

If you feel you’re still in the early part of your relationship – or the honeymoon phase – you may want to hold off on signing that lease together.

3. You’re Secure with Your Finances

Moving in together isn’t all peaches and cream.2

There will suddenly be a number of bills and expenses you’ll need to decide how to divide.

This can put a strain on any relationship, let alone a romantic one.

Make sure you have your finances in order, and don’t be afraid to have a serious talk with your beau about his finances to make sure he feels he’s also in a good place.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in a signed arrangement with someone who suddenly can’t pay their share.

You’ve Spent Serious Time Together
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