2. You’re out of the Honeymoon Phase

Being out of the honeymoon phase is essential if you’re thinking of moving in together. The honeymoon phase doesn’t always have a specific time limit, but it’s usually anytime within the six months to one year mark of a relationship. During the honeymoon phase you’re still craving each other at all times. You still think your man is beyond perfection. You haven’t quite gotten to the point where you recognize a few of each other’s quirks in order to start accepting them. If you feel you’re still in the early part of your relationship – or the honeymoon phase – you may want to hold off on signing that lease together.

You’re Secure with Your Finances


Teri Fox
Number one should be you're married.
@Isabella Rossignuolo there are lots of things you can do to get the use to the idea of one another before moving in together. Rub them both down with a cloth or towel and swap the towels so they know...
Abigail Jaiyeola
@Isabella Rossignuolo, Oh gosh!! Thats a problem right!! Get the cats to like each other so they can play and you two and do whatever ?! just a thought
Abigail Jaiyeola
most of the times when the man and woman moves in together they end up having a kid or kids then the idea of marriage flys out the man head. I pefer to move in when we are engaged!
Isabella Coles
Here's another thought: if there are pets involved! I would love to move in with my man but he has a cat who is a really jealous type (my cat has to go with me when i move out), and it's just impossib...
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