17 Signs You're the Type of Girl ๐Ÿ˜ Men Want to Take Home ๐Ÿก to the Parents ๐Ÿ‘ช ...


Men are attracted to certain girls, because they're wild and crazy.

They date them to have a good time, but they have no intention of taking them home to meet the family.

They'll wait until they find the real deal to make introductions.

So if you're wondering if he's going to take that step anytime soon, here are a few signs you're the type of girl he wants to take home to his parents:

1. Youโ€™re Sweet

Youโ€™re Sweet

If you're sweet, he won't have to worry about whether his parents will approve.

There's no way they'd ever find anything bad to say about a sweet girl like you.2

2. Youโ€™re Nurturing

Youโ€™re Nurturing

Do you take care of him when he's sick?

Do you rub his back and hug him when he's upset?

A nurturing girl is a girl he can count on.

3. Youโ€™re Mature

Youโ€™re Mature

If you always act inappropriately, he won't want you around his family.

But if you can get through an evening without cursing or making sexual comments, he'll want you at the dinner table.

4. You're Charming

You're Charming

Some women are instantly likable.

There's just something about them that will make anyone a fan of hers.

5. You're Friendly

You're Friendly

This is the most important quality to have.

If you're friendly, then it'll be pretty easy for his parents to get along with you.

6. You're Hard-working

You're Hard-working

You don't need to have a high paying job.

As long as his parents can see that you're a hard worker, they should be impressed by you.

7. You're Intelligent

You're Intelligent

A smart woman is a sexy woman.

If you're intelligent, you'll be able to hold conversations and bring up interesting facts no one else knew.

8. You're Genuine

You're Genuine

Nobody likes a liar.

He'll only bring you home if he knows you'll talk to his parents genuinely.

He doesn't want you to be fake.

You're Thoughtful
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