7 Simple Things Guys Wish Women Knew about Them ...


Since men and women are different in so many ways, I bet that there are quite a few simple things guys wish women knew about them, so that they’ll be able to avoid all the misunderstandings that may appear later in their relationships. I know you’ll find these facts quite fascinating and that’s why I thought about sharing with you these very simple things guys wish women knew about them.

1. Men Want to Be Respected

Among the things guys wish women knew about them, the most important is, in my opinion, the fact that they want to feel respected by their partner both privately and publicly. Shaunti Feldhahn, the author of “For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men,” said that “men would rather sense the loss of loving feelings from their wives than to be disrespected by them,” and so his research indicated. Well, that’s understandable ‘cause everyone wants to feel respected whether they’re a woman or a man.

Men Are Insecure


So I go to an extremely small school and I honestly feel like I\'ve just ended an extremely long relationship and don\'t know how to date. I\'ve only had one short relationship. In my school everybody...
Who says men are the only provider? God I hate gender roles, not digging this article
The Title says men wish ,
well i think it\'s about compromising ..sometimes we need to understand males,if you love your partner why not give it to him?
I really don\'t like: he likes more sex so give it to him. How is that gender equality? Men and women have the same responsibility in the bedroom for f*ck sake!
Christine Gaunt
I understand equality, but when you are in a long to relationship you begin to understand the little extra you put in. I may not always dress to the 9s and fix my hair, but letting someone know you ar...
Abee Robinson
I find this article a bit irritating, I dislike how women were made to sound with these \'facts\'. Not feeling the equality.
I wondered if guys liked us fussing w our hair n getting all pretty w makeup.. But this shows they like it.. We may not need to put the makeup on do heavy but they like us looking good!! Nice to know.. Good article. Ty
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