7 Simple Ways to Overcome Trust Issues ...


Finding ways to overcome trust issues in new or existing relationships isn't always easy. After all, you've been betrayed before and you don't want it to happen again. Don't worry, there are ways to overcome trust issues and build happy relationships again. With a little work, you will be able to trust those around you and not be weighed down by always shutting everyone out.

1. Study Actions

One of the best ways to overcome trust issues is to study the actions of others. Often times, we're hurt because we believed in promises that never came true. Maybe someone promised to be faithful, but cheated. Before giving your full trust to someone, study their actions. Do their actions match their words? Gradually, you'll be able to quickly tell who you can and can't trust.

Consider Everyone Equal


Sheelagh Frankland
I am more cautious these days. Have been betrayed by friends. If I dont get the respect back that I give them, theyre gone,or told. I would rather have one genuine friend,than loads of acquaintances
I was hurt before from best friends. I find it hard to get close to people. That's why i have no best friend at the moment. I have close friends but not besties. I had a friend who was like my sister....
Then it means 1 of 2 things...1) he is ashamed of acting impulsively and really has no reason for his actions or 2) he is avoiding the question and doesn't want to make an effort to sift through his f...
What if they said "they don't know" when i asked them why they did it. Cuz he was drunk but obviously not completely since he remembers.
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