2. Don't Miss Opportunities

Everyone responds to different comments in different ways. If you bring up something sexual, and he shies away from the subject, it means that he doesnโ€™t want to be raunchy with you. If you text him that you miss him and he ignores the comment, he probably doesnโ€™t feel the same. If you give a guy the opportunity to compliment you and he takes it, things are going well. Men can be shy, but if you push him enough and he doesnโ€™t flirt, you should search for a new crush.

The Eyes Have It


Hannah Shuler
I\'m dating this guy who\'s really sweet and I\'ve mentioned other girl and he has never been interested, but some friends of our were talking about Kate upton and he got really interested. He was rea...
@Genevieve hey sweety. I don\'t think it\'s ever gonna be a gud idea to go first in this kind of situation. If he really likes u, he\'ll come and get u. But this is just my opinion. Keep looking beaut...
I have a problem This guy likes me and he defiantly shows it! I suppose I could go out with him, but he hasn\'t asked me or anything, and he\'s really shy! Should i go first? Thnx xx
Melissa Estrada
What if he\'s always staring at you, but he seems to be too shy for any of these since the only place you meet is public?
What if you see a guy looking around and then he meet your eye, hold it and then looks away?
Ninng Chariya
Love the cover photo :)
...Is there a casual,small way to do #7?😆
Jessica Campos
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