3. The Eyes Have It

When you catch his eye, see how long you can look at him before he looks away.

If you have eye contact for an extended period of time, there are sparks!

Just be careful when using this technique.

You don’t want to creep him out by staring at him for too long and never looking away.

He might be scared instead of seduced.

Mention Great GIrls


This is irrelavant. Talking about your past relationships with him? That's actually a con for the most part. A guy does not want to know about your past relationships unless he asks.
Thanks for this! My crush thinks of me as a friend,more than anything. It's pretty sad,but I'm sure there's someone as good (if not better) out there for me! (Still,I'd prefer if he were more interested...)
Marian Bailey
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Jessica Campos
What if I work with a guy that I'm deeply attracted to? I don't wanna make things weird at work , but it's just part-time. I get some signs that his into me and I flirt back but idk if I should make the first move. 😳
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