12. Taking Forever to Get Ready

Taking Forever to Get Ready

He won't mind the fact that it takes you a half hour to do your makeup.

Unless, of course, it means that you two end up late to an event.

Then he won't be happy.

Making Him Initiate Sex


How best do I give my fiancΓ© a surprise birthday?
my boyfriend hates when im calling someone else hot but he's flirting with other girls.
My boyfriend hates when I masturbate.
Ubi _dubi
My boyfriend always wants to have sex
My other half agrees that a women who farts is disgusting 🚽🚽🚽
Em Bem
But when they stare at other women, we're supposed to pretend it isn't happening; otherwise we look like jealous b***es. Double standards everywhere in this post.
Em Bem
Em Bem
10. Calling Other Men Hot
My boyfriend is fine with me smoking.. He's a smoker, too.. And my parents smoked when they were younger.. Then my dad quit and after a few years so did my mom. Sure it's a bad habit, but it doesn't define who you are.
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