4. Inviting Friends over without Asking Him First

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If you two live together, he won't want unexpected company.

You wouldn't want his friends to barge in either, would you?

Leaving Your Makeup All over the Counters


My boyfriend hates when I masturbate.
Ubi _dubi
My boyfriend always wants to have sex
My other half agrees that a women who farts is disgusting 🚽🚽🚽
Em Bem
But when they stare at other women, we're supposed to pretend it isn't happening; otherwise we look like jealous b***es. Double standards everywhere in this post.
Em Bem
Em Bem
10. Calling Other Men Hot
My boyfriend is fine with me smoking.. He's a smoker, too.. And my parents smoked when they were younger.. Then my dad quit and after a few years so did my mom. Sure it's a bad habit, but it doesn't define who you are.
How to confine a suspicious mistress?
Sure if the boyfriend knows his limits himself !
My boyfriend doesn't mind me smoking? Why would it 'drive him nuts'
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