7 Smart Answers to Silly and Irritating Questions ...


Smart Answers I’m about to list here will definitely help you turn the same old boring routine around. In fact, I bet they will shock your partner so much, he or she will think twice before asking a silly cliché question ever again. I must warn you though – if your partner has no sense of humor he/she won’t find these funny, witty, smart answers appropriate at all and your efforts to crack a joke might be the start of a huge fight! Think your loved one could handle it? Well, take a look at these totally unexpected, totally shocking smart answers you can use when he/she insists on asking the same old question over and over again:

1. Is This Dress Making Me Look Fat?

Ooops, I’m afraid this is one of those questions you cannot and will not be able to answer correctly no matter how hard you try! Why even bother when you’re either get it wrong or get accused of lying? Well, the next time your dear woman ask you this totally irritating question try using some of these smart answers and I bet she won’t even dream about asking you anything like this again!

- No, hun, you’re not fat, the dress is too tight.

- Comparing to whom? Your BFF? Nope, you’re not fat.

- Nope, THAT dress is not making you look fat.

Whoa! Where Did You Learn THAT?


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