7 Sneaky Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You out ...


Read on to discover a few pretty sneaky ways to get a guy to ask you out.

Of course, first you have to get his attention and get him to like you too.

Let that guy know that you’re interested;

just try not to make it too obvious.

Allow him to work for your love but give him a few clues that would suggest him that you are interested as well.

Here are a few very sneaky ways to get a guy to ask you out:

1. Share an Interest

One of the sneaky ways to get a guy to ask you out is by sharing one of his interests.

Even if at first you are not that passionate about his hobbies, you may discover that you actually like some of them, so what better way to see each other more often than by sharing a common interest.

Also, it will be much easier for him to ask you out since he will have an excuse to do it.

Let Him Know Your Routine


Karaoke Heart
I like this guy but I don't know if I want to date him since he is a bit of a player. But this really helped I will just see his reactions to these settle hints and see if I could possibly date him
Well im 14 idk i like this guy a lot and it seems that him and i have a ton,in common anf my 8th grade dance is friday and i really want him to ask me. Him and his friends know i like him but idk
I think being approachable is so important! So many girls I know send off a vibe that guys don't want to deal with.
If you're interested why not ask him out? A man doesn't exclusively have to ask the woman.
Miss Heather
I agree with being nice and approachable. I feel as though a guy can read my body language and if the universe deems me ready for a relationship - I'll personify that unknowingly and more genuinely than ever before.
Um... No thanks lol this sounds like advice from a 16 year old lol! I have never done any of these things and have never had a problem with guys asking me out on dates
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