3. Play the Damsel in Distress

In order to get him to ask you out, you could try playing the damsel in distress because men want to be heroes and most guys can’t help themselves when a pretty girl asks for their help. Just ask him to help you. For example, ask him if he can help you fix that thing that it’s broken in your home and if he does like you back, then he will use any excuse just to be with you.

Let Him Know That You Are Looking for a Relationship


Miss Heather
I agree with being nice and approachable. I feel as though a guy can read my body language and if the universe deems me ready for a relationship - I'll personify that unknowingly and more genuinely than ever before.
Um... No thanks lol this sounds like advice from a 16 year old lol! I have never done any of these things and have never had a problem with guys asking me out on dates
well if your gona do all the things suggested here u may as well also wear a sign that says "desperate hoe will take any average joe ,apply below"
Just using the word sneaky turns me off. I never had a problem!
Desperate much?
4 and 5 i would never ever do
If a guy is interested, he will ask the girl out. If he not interested, nothing's going to move him!
I'm sorry, this terrible advice XD
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