10 Songs to Get You through a Breakup ...


Songs for Breakup can really help ease the pain you feel after a breakup and can actually make you feel better!2

Breaking up is not easy – but songs for breakup make it bearable.I know that when my ex and I split, I indulged in all kinds of music and let it help me through my pain.

Below, I've compiled the top 10 list of songs for breakup that will help you get over it and move right on!

1. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

The first time I heard this song was actually last week.

Everyone was commenting on it on Tumblr (because I'm a total addict when it comes to Tumblr) and I finally downloaded it.

Demi – girl, you got it going on.

This is one of the perfect – and I repeat, perfect songs for breakup.

It's unique, her voice is awesome and it really hits you right in the core of the pain.

You want a tearjerker?

This is the song for that!

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri
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