4. According to You by Orianthi

Speaking of spiteful, it's the spiteful queen herself!

This song is the ultimate tribute to guys that dog on their girlfriends a little too much and in turn, lose them.

This is absolutely one of the my favorite songs for breakup because it's so – so bitchy!

Everything Sucks (when You're Gone) by MxPx


Sarah Tiernan
Go screw yourself (GSY)- By Avery It starts of all sweet then BAM ! it gets good:)
Sarah Tiernan
Go screw yourself (GSY)- By Avery It starts of all sweet then BAM ! it gets good:)
jayda marvel
do how to save a life and hey there delia.
Thanks for sharing! :)
If it's not a spiteful breakup but rather the kind that just leaves you feeling bad I like "One Headlight" by The Wallflowers. Mixes minor-toned verse with major-toned chorus beautifully and the listener doesn't have to get in the same mindset as all of the spiteful/sorrowful songs. Don't even know if it's a song specifically about breaking up but it really worked for me.
thanks cassie!
Want spiteful? must check this song: F*ck you - by Archive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sEdyTYIss8
it's a song.
to be honest im yalls age but from my experience if you miss him you need to be the one to try to establish communication no one said the man had to take the first step if it back fires then it wasnt meant to be and yeah its gonna suck but we are still young there could be a new someone for us on the horizon. and if he liked you at one point for an excessive amount of time chances are those feelings havent entirely changed but i would try to talk to him more often even if it is over text then try to establish a get together of some sort and you can invite other people along to make it less awkward but be careful who you take with you such as you wouldn't want someone who has polar opposite personality and he becomes annoyed. i hope this helped yall and everything works out in the end:) good luckβ™₯
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