7 Splendid Sex Tips for an Aquarius ...


If you are looking for some fantastic sex tips for an Aquarius, you don't have to look any further.

I've looked everywhere and compiled a list that is ideal for any Aquarius and will drive your partner mad!

These top 7 sex tips for an Aquarius are hand-picked for this particular sign – and they work!

So, are you ready to drive your partner wild behind closed doors?

Let's take a look below!

1. Calves to Ankles Are Hot Zones

If you are looking for the hot spots on your awesome Aquarius, all you need to do is run your fingers along the calves all the way down to their ankles and you'll hit all of the hot zones!

This is one of the many top sex tips for an Aquarius that will drive your partner crazy, no matter where you are!

So play a little footsie, run your hand down their leg, ending maybe in a foot massage – be creative!

2. Be Enthusiastic

One thing that an Aquarius has to have behind closed doors is enthusiasm.

They can't be with someone that isn't passionate about what they are doing and what is happening.

They like to be stimulated and excited and you've got to share in that stimulation and that excitement, especially during sex.

3. Foreplay is Key

Another thing that is totally key when you are with this particular sign is foreplay.

Trust me, this isn't a step that you want to skip with this sign.

They want to feel close to you and they want you to explore them – everywhere.

So, keep up the foreplay as long as possible!

4. Bed-Wrestling is Awesome

The Aquarius is a sign that really likes to have fun and they really like to connect and be spontaneous – so that includes a little bed-wrestling!

They like to laugh, be tickled and they really like to have a bit of competition.2

So try to pin down your Aquarius all in fun and see where it gets you!

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