7. Happy with Him

If youโ€™re not happy in a relationship, why does it still exist?

Your partner might provide you with shelter, food, and love, but happiness tops all of those things.

Even if you feel bad about leaving, you have to do so.

Isn't the point of life to be as happy as you can be?

You have to do whatever will make your life worth living, even if that means being single again.

Donโ€™t lower your standards, because you havenโ€™t met the right person yet.

Are your expectations unrealistically high, or do you think youโ€™ll find someone that will meet them?


@Christina I moved in to his place about a month after meeting and dating.
@Christina we were together just under a year.
@Jennifer If you don't mind me asking, how long were you together, or was that not an issue?
Audrey Chaffin
A guy shouldn't treat a girl like a princess unless she treats him like a prince. It has to go both ways. Remember that men may be holding these standards to you, too.
Thank you! This came at a perfect time in my life. Just got up the courage to leave a relationship he and I were both unhappy in. Again, thank you.
Shay Chanel
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