8 Steps for Moving on after an Affair ...


Have you ever tried moving on after an affair? Infidelity rocks even the strongest relationships, and can lead to years of pain, anguish, hurt and mistrust. You’ll get advice from everyone you tell, from your parents to your cat, and be told that time heals all more times than you’ll care to imagine. But it’s not true, really. Time doesn’t heal; it’s what you use the time for that does the healing. Here’s how to kick-start your recovery, and end the anguish when you're moving on after an affair.

1. Retreat…

The very first step to moving on after an affair has to happen immediately. The cheater needs to leave. This doesn’t have to be permanent; they can spend a few nights with their parents, friends, or in a hotel. It goes without saying that they shouldn’t go to the person they cheated with! This will provide both people with time to think, and process the new information. Keep calm, and agree to speak in a few days. Not only will you be able to work through things better this way, but it has the added benefit of showing the cheater exactly what they have to lose. If the cheater won’t go, you might have to go yourself. Pack up some things, and seek people who love you and will nurture you. You need to spend some time looking after yourself, and controlling your emotions, before trying to deal with the fallout.

That Way Madness Lies…


@jessica im also in recovery ahh haha hate being a girl
@jessica thanks girl its just now that we hooked up and he had lied about being broken up with his new gf its hard
Just cut him out of your life and move on? Don't dwell on it
One thing led to another ( i had no attraction to him) and we just caught up on old times. He tried to hook up and i resisted at first but then caved...i feel like shit about it im not that kind of girl. Just looking for some advice
So my ex of 4.5 years started contacting me in feb... Ive grown and found myself the past year while he moved on relatively fast. Long story short he was veryninnapropriate ( seeing as he had a gf) an...
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