Strut Your Stuff - 7 Ways to Get Your Boyfriend's Attention ...


Sometimes you may feel like you need to do a little something different to get your boyfriend’s attention. Maybe you feel he’s not being as attentive as he should be or you just want to add a little more spice to your relationship. These are 7 things that’re sure to do that. Use one, two or all of them; it’s all about how much attention you want to get.

1. Send Him a Suggestive Text

This can go anyway that you want it to. Sending a suggestive text can be as simple as telling him you’re excited about the plans that the two of you have made or something much racier. This is a personal thing. You know your guy better than anyone so you shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with a sweet or sexy text to send him. As long as it achieves the goal of getting his attention, you’ve succeeded.

Change up Your Makeup


Love this article I will defiantly try these :)
Good tips… but its uncomfortable walking in front of ur guy nd knowing he is looking at u'r ass!!!but wearing something sexy to surprise ur guy really works👌😊
Or just be yourself...
this is perfection.
1 and 7 👌
Hahaha then there is me... Forever aloneeee
Isamar, every woman has a beautiful just have to walk like you're beautiful, because you are! You want to catch a guy's attention, and keep it, just keep your head high, shoulders back, and...
"Most women have a beautiful feminine walk" lmao not me
I never knew you could contract 'this' and 'is' (this's), it's cool, but how would you pronounce it since 'this' already ends with an s.
I want to be a chase!! Me and my daughters father are working on getting back together and I want be a chase but with a twist do any of you lovely ladies have tips or ideas please?? :)
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