2. Light Touches

Lightly touching someone or being touched is such a sweet way to show someone you’re interested. Remember, you want to give a few light but memorable touches. Lots of touching just for the sake of doing it won’t mean anything and he’s likely going to think you’re just a touchy type of girl. When an otherwise reserved girl goes in for a touch, it’ll mean much more. Try touching his hand while you’re talking to him or touch him playfully when he’s being funny.

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@Hannah N- Nah, I feel the same way. With guys ur closer w/ it works b/c u probably already touch him sometimes. W/ guys ur not so close w/ depend more on words ad smiling.
Marcela Paula Astilla Regidor
Needs courage πŸ˜€
Hannah N
This might just be me, but whenever I try to touch a guy and be flirty, be it on his arm, his hand, what have you, I feel really weird and he always seems to notice and act a little weird as well. Maybe I'm just a bad flirt
Yama Faye
How about if you don't have the access for light touches?
You're beautiful
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