4. Smile

It doesn’t get any easier than smiling when it comes to flirting tips. While a simple smile might seem pretty innocent and not very flirtatious, who can resist a sexy smile? Besides, there’s nothing very playful or flirty about being stoic or hard to read. You can have the smoothest moves in the world, but if you’re scowling you’ll come off as confusing. Smiling makes you appear more approachable and invites interaction.

Body Language


Needs courage πŸ˜€
Hannah N
This might just be me, but whenever I try to touch a guy and be flirty, be it on his arm, his hand, what have you, I feel really weird and he always seems to notice and act a little weird as well. Maybe I'm just a bad flirt
Yama Faye
How about if you don't have the access for light touches?
You're beautiful
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