7 Subtle Hints That Will Get Your Crush to Ask You out ...


Now, I know there are a ton of 'get your crush to ask you out' articles and posts out there, but I can tell you for sure, this is one of the fool-proof posts.

Follow along on this 'get your crush to ask you out' post and you won't ever have to wonder if he is into you again!2

Now, a lot of these hints are subtle;

you can't seem too desperate and you definitely don't want to come off as really being into them … as you want them to work a little to find out your secrets!

1. Steer the Conversation to Common Ground

Whenever you two are talking, one important way to get your crush to ask you out is all about how you steer the conversation.

You want it to seem (or maybe it actually is!) that you two have a ton in common and you want to highlight that.

As soon as they realize that you'd be cool to go out to the hobby store with him or head to the city to walk around, they wouldn't be able to help asking you out!

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