5. Don't Reveal Too Much

There should be a bit of a mystery to you; you don't want to reveal too much and you certainly don't want to give away everything. Hold some things about yourself close to you and when you go on the date, that's when you can reveal a lot more!

Flirt with Them


And I am to shy to talk to him
It's this boy at school that I like and his name is Anthony and he does not like but I want to get him to like me help please
@Cara this is not me saying this. Why is this app showing my picture?
Jessica Rosamond
Why can't we all just be straight forward and tell them how we feel? It's much easier and games like that wont work usually.
@Erin then maybe the guy is not in to you
It's is useless doesn't work 😡😡😡
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