11 Subtle Signs He Has a Crush on You ...


If you have a friend that might be more than a friend but you just aren’t sure, these signs he has a crush on you might help.

I admit, it can be hard to tell sometimes, but just pay more attention next time you are with him and your answer should come.

These signs that has a crush on you might not always work in every situation, but put them all together and you are golden.

1. He Texts You when He is out

He Texts You when He is out

One of the main signs he has a crush on you is simply if he puts time into texting you.

If he is sending you cute messages or is interested in how you are doing while he is out with the boys, there is a very good chance he is smitten.

If a guy is out with the boys, he will not message you unless you are on his mind.

And if you are on his mind… well that’s pretty obvious, he likes you.

He Gets Nervous


SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME so this morning i check my email and he says hi i sort of have a crush on you i think you're cool,pretty,and nice. how do i respond to him without it sounding creepy and desperate?
I think a boy likes me He is always hugging me and very jealous of anyone who hugs me he is always look at me it's getting creepy😍❤
Ok this guy he always sits with us at our table so friends check but i don't know maybe because he lets me eat his fries and lets me prop my feet up in his lap while he eats what do you think
Tiffany Ambz Bradford
Yes, my crush is into me!! But he needs to dump his girlfriend first 😒🌹🎊💝🙏🃏
Denise Cristobal
Hi Megan. Unfortunately, only he can help you understand why he suddenly stopped talking to you. Try asking him.
So there is this guy and we have talked a few times, the first time he asked questions he already knew the answers too, and after asking he was like wait haha never mind, and the second time he butted into a conversation I was having with a friend and started asking where I was from and were he lived close by. Then all of the sudden he stopped talking to me and now when he see\'s me he looks down or away. I\'m so lost. Can someone help me?
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