9 Subtle Ways to Let Him Know You like Him without Looking Desperate ...


Ways to Let Him Know You Like Him without seeming too desperate are hard! After all, you don’t want to come off as psycho right off the bat right? Well ladies, I’m a guru on ways to let him know you like him without seeming desperate! Below are 9 of the top ways to let him know you like him, so you can come off as subtle rather than desperate!

1. Act Flirty

Every guy likes to be flirted with! Face it. It makes them feel sexy, feel wanted and is definitely one of the top ways to let him know you like him! So flirt a little, give a coy little smile, touch his hair – it’s all part of the plan ladies!

Compliment Him


Hey, I really like this guy. me and him talk and flirt but it doesn't seem to go past that. we've spent many a long night talking till 2 in the morning and then we will stop talking for a few days an...
Ok, I seriously need some help. I have liked this guy for over a year now and we've been hanging out a lot lately. My ex boyfriend came back in town and I asked him if he could help me and be my "bo...
Hey theres this guy in my class, i told him i liked him, like more than a friend and he ssaid i know nothing about u.. did i look desperate?
Hi There, My name is Jessica and I´m 15. So there´s this guy in my algebra class who has the most beautiful eyes and softest blonde hair with a mesmerizing smile who sits right next to me. I REALLY ...
hey, i m 16 and i have been talking to this guy for about 3 and half months now, and he seems to like me. we flirt in class,we joke around, and he hugs me. he knows that i like him but he wont tell m...
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