3. Deep Conversations

Finding different ways to let him know you like him is hard work, but if you are finding yourself having deep and meaningful conversations, typically guys take that as a sign.

If youโ€™re on a first date with a guy and youโ€™re just not into him, donโ€™t you keep the conversation short?

Well, one of the surefire ways to let him know you like him is to strike up a good conversation โ€“ heโ€™ll appreciate the chance to get to know you!2



thank you for the advice, I will tell him, and I'll keep you updated, hopefully it'll work out in the end.
Hey Mary Kate! Is he a friend of yours? You want to make sure that you at least know some things about him, get to know his personality and let him know who you are before asking him out. :)
Hey Anon! How long have you known the guy? Do you know a lot about him? Is he one of your friends? I doubt you looked desperate at all!
Hey Jessica!! Thanks for commenting! I'd say push the envelope a little bit. Maybe see if he wants to hang out to do homework away from school. It might be a question outside of your comfort zone, but it'll get him outside of the class room so you two can get to know each other a little better. I promise, it'll work!
Hi Confused!! Wow, what a story! I'd definitely say that you need to talk to him. He's sending some mixed messages there. There's no reason for him to call you needy one second and then ask you out the next. I think that you both just need to get on the same page and you need to find out where his head is at. My guess is that he does like you, he's just scared that he'll hurt you. If you reassure him that he won't, I think you'll be all good! :) I hope this helps!
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