5. Be Yourself

Never compromise who you are for a guy. I can’t stress this enough. If you really like a guy, you want him to like you, for you, not for someone you’ve made yourself into. So why not just be yourself? It’ll go a long way, I promise.



Mary Kate
I like this kid Wyatt and I have a few classes with him and today he was starin at me in health… should I ask him out??? and I ont go anywhere very much but I could try.
So I like this boy but my good friend also likes him. Also she knows that I know she likes him. Is there any way I can show i'm interested in him without being obvious? Or if he asks me out, for examp...
Hey, I really like this guy. me and him talk and flirt but it doesn't seem to go past that. we've spent many a long night talking till 2 in the morning and then we will stop talking for a few days an...
Ok, I seriously need some help. I have liked this guy for over a year now and we've been hanging out a lot lately. My ex boyfriend came back in town and I asked him if he could help me and be my "bo...
Hey theres this guy in my class, i told him i liked him, like more than a friend and he ssaid i know nothing about u.. did i look desperate?
Hi There, My name is Jessica and I´m 15. So there´s this guy in my algebra class who has the most beautiful eyes and softest blonde hair with a mesmerizing smile who sits right next to me. I REALLY ...
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