Summer Loving – the Most Seductive Kissing Spots for the Season ...


Everyone dreams of having a perfect kiss. Maybe your first kiss wasn't the most exciting thing in the world, but that doesn't mean that all of your other kisses have to be bland. Grab your partner, head to a romantic location, and start locking lips to create memories that'll last a lifetime. If you need some ideas, here are the most seductive kissing spots for the season:

1. Kiss in the Sand

Kiss in the Sand

You're bound to go to the beach with your boyfriend once the sun comes out. I mean, you need to show off your brand new bathing suit, don't you? Kissing in the sand while looking out at the water is about as romantic as it gets. Think of all the Instagram opportunities. There are plenty of romantic pictures of couples kissing near hand-drawn hearts in the sand, and you could be one of them!

Kiss in the Ocean


peony blue
been there done that loved it hehehe
I like to be kissed in a Forrest at night under the stars buy my wife.
Under the*
I would LIKE my first kiss to be inferirse stars i LIKE all of these except the hiking thing
i live by that waterfall lol
Totally kissed my SO on a boat last weekend while fishing. It was quite romantic. Almost crashed into the dock, but it was totally worth it.
Isabella Coles
Hmm butterflies, done quite a few of those - think I like kissing under the stars the most ^_^
Wouldn't want to kiss after hiking.. I would feel sweaty and gross!
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