5. Your Families Get along

It's great when your significant other loves your family and your family loves him back. You're able to share holidays together without any of that unnecessary drama! Plus, your beau's family is now yours too. More family members mean more love to go around! After all, you can never have enough of it, right?

You Feel Comfortable in Silence


Stephanie Eklund
He's a keeper because he waits for you to shop !? Please tell me that you don't honestly think that's important.
I think it's the listening rather than hearing. Yes family is important but sometimes families just don't like you for the most obscene reasons, even if you've done nothing wrong. However listening ...
Lillian Blue
Or when his mother doesn't like you 😖
I think families getting a lot is definitely the most important because you're family wants the best for you and if they don't like him then there's something wrong.
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