5. You Catch Him Looking at You All the Time

You Catch Him Looking at You All the Time

Every time you glance his way, he’s either grinning at you, or he looks away quickly, with a shy smile — you catch him looking at you all the time!

Oh, girl, he’s got it bad.

This is one sure sign he’s into you.

By the way, if you’re always glancing over at him… that might mean you’re into him, too!

He Wants to Introduce You


Hey Symbi! Did you go out, go out with him? On a date? Or was it just hanging out? If it was just hanging out, why not ask him about it? Who knows, maybe he is too shy to ask you out!
so i like this guy and we went out and everything meet his friends...etc but still aint asked me out yet ...but its only been a month though
I really like this guy and im not sure if he likes me. we have to classes together and i always see him looking at me. He is so cute and sweet but hes really shy. My friends say he likes someone else and i also think that. He is pretty good friends with her and flirtswith her a lot. I really want to know what i should do (p.s. we don't really talk but we use to like 2 years ago) thank you for making this blot and i hope some one can hawser this question.
well, he likes you, that 4 sure!
well, if its a hard class, ask him some questions about an assignment, and LOOK HIM IN THE EYES- the eyes say everything, and if you like him, it will show, and if he likes you, it will show. i do it all the time with this one guy i like, and so far, its paying off. plus, try dropping a book in the halls or spill your papers everywhere. he is gunna help, i can tell, and say thanks with a smile and he probably will try to start up a conversation. if not, ask him which class he is going to next, or "wats up", or "how are you?" but be sure to SMILE, and look him in the eyes. good luck! :]
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