5. You Catch Him Looking at You All the Time

You Catch Him Looking at You All the Time

Every time you glance his way, he’s either grinning at you, or he looks away quickly, with a shy smile — you catch him looking at you all the time! Oh, girl, he’s got it bad. This is one sure sign he’s into you. By the way, if you’re always glancing over at him… that might mean you’re into him, too!

He Wants to Introduce You


Miss Anonymous
So I haven't been properly introduced to this man yet, but there have been many times when we had eye contact, and I felt his eyes on me especially when I can't see him. When I was talking with my fri...
I have HUGE crush on my Best guy friend, and I really want to know if he likes me back! I've gotten little indicators telling me he does, like texting me about the most random things at three in the m...
Hi there, I think you should talk to him online some more first. If he still doesn't approach you, then it wouldn't hurt to do it yourself. But yes, get to know him a little better before you actually go up to him in person. :)
you should go talk to him! and smile at him next time he looks at u
I like a guy who is in grade 10 but i'm in gr 9. We only have vocal together because we are both in the arts program together. I posted my skype name on facebook and so he gave me his, just 2 days ago...
Snow White :-)
On those days whn i felt 4 him, he Used to do Most of the things u told like Calling,looking at me all d time,tring to touch.... May b tht time I was so cold.. Bt I cnt 4get him nw... Bt if tht time ...
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