7 Sure Signs You're Falling in Love ...


The following are 7 signs you're falling in love. Every one has a different view and idea on what love means to them, but these signs you're falling in love will help you clarify for yourself what some of your feelings mean. It's always nice to read someone else's view on the "love" topic just to get an idea if those thoughts and emotions you are having are crazy or valid.

1. You Get Butterflies

This is one of the best signs you're falling in love. Every time my phone rings, I get a text, or I know I'm going to see my man I get butterflies in my stomach. There comes a point where the first date nerves turn into this can't stop smiling, can't wait to see your significant other butterflies. Even when you've been dating for a while you still walk around with this slap happy grin on your face that you can't get rid of. He gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you all tingly inside.

You Feel Safe in His Arms


It happened to me.  married for 14 years, now widowed.  I have butterflies everytime I talk to this guy or look at his picture.
so i have a boyfriend and i only had butterflies a couple times and hes best friend flirts with me and him and i talk we got to know each other and i think i liked hes best friend and he called me beautiful, what should i do??
I am married 16& half years but never had a butterfies with him.... But when I am thinking of someone else I have butterflies with him... What should I do?
I think I like a guy and we've started seeing each other, and I feel all these things except butterflies, yet I felt loads of nervous butterflies before our first date (we've only been on one so far) ...
You had me at the It Takes Two quote. Love that movie!
Soo true wit My Bf
True :)
Faith Kumung
Yeah. I heard that if your married and still in love with your husband, you will still feel butterfly's in your stomach, feel you heart beat faster when he holds you, always somehow can smell his scen...
Faith Kumung
I just can't wait to fall in love, I would love to be in someone's waiting, strong and comfortable arms one day. =^_^= love doesn't always have to be in just books, you can be your own romantic book. *_*
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