4. Smile & Laugh

I'm not saying that you need to be fake and fake laugh and smile, actually do it! Typically guys respond better than there is a big smile on a girl's face rather than a scowl. So, flash him those pearly whites as a way to flirt and you'll see a huge difference!

Be Witty


Erica Benson
What if I'm too shy or nervous to barely talk? I know that sounds ridiculous but I have a very shy personality. And people say it makes me look intimidating so no one try's to "hit on me".. What should I do?
Tip #2 really works there is this I like and I was in the restraunt that he works at I went to touch his arm to say goodnight to him and I got a goodnight Kiss instead. :)
Lyndsie Robinson
You should definitely show it! You don't have to be completely obvious or throw yourself at him, especially if you're nervous, but some light flirting to let him know you're interested to will likely go a long way.
Godneasha Bledsoe
i have a question. What do i do if there is a guy that i like at work that is into me but he feels like im not into him and he tries to make me jelouse by looking at other women i really like him too ...
@Megan, Hey Megan i actually wrote a 2 page letter to my crush saying i liked him
Hey darling not to worry, it sounds like he is interested in you back but sometimes it doesn't matter whether you have confidence or not or no experience you just have to find the right moment and tel...
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