5. Be Witty

You are probably one of the wittiest people out of all of your friends right?

When you get in front of your crush though, do you lose that wittiness?

Well ladies, guys love a witty girl that can banter back and forth, so why not gain some courage and show off your wit?

I promise, it'll pay off in a big way and it's definitely one of the ways to flirt!

Lean in Close


@Megan, Hey Megan i actually wrote a 2 page letter to my crush saying i liked him
Hey darling not to worry, it sounds like he is interested in you back but sometimes it doesn't matter whether you have confidence or not or no experience you just have to find the right moment and tell him exactly how you feel, he will appreciate it int he long run
Heather Jensen
Hi Connor! I'd definitely say that you need to up the flirting a bit! Just try to talk to him, touch him a little, be casual about it.
Ok soo there's this super cute tall blond guy i like, "hes soo perfect for me" all my friends say and he likes YOU! I'm as tall as him...but... hes a year older then me. He use to be in my class but now hes in a different school, and hes changed so much. Worse part is, we argue so much he thinks i HATE HIM! Also soo many other girls like him and he knows it. How can i start to show i like him without going over top? P.S. I read most of your stuff, including the whole flerting thing! :)
Diana Marie Denza
@Megan, Tell him, Megan! Write a cute note or be direct and let him know face to face.
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