7 Sweet Anniversary Gifts for Him ...


If you have a special man in your life, you know how hard it can be to find anniversary gifts for him!

I feel like women are so easy to shop for, give me a sparkly necklace or a pair of earrings and I’ll be happy.

When I shop for my husband though, it’s almost impossible to find anniversary gifts for him!

Here is a guide to help you find some sweet anniversary gifts that your guy will love!

1. Personalized Keepsake

Personalized Keepsake

Price: $22.95

I love this so much!

I actually want it for myself (hint hint, Hubby), but it is one of the great anniversary gifts for him because it is romantic without being feminine.

The Lucite block is etched with your names and a red heart marks the day of your wedding.

It is a sleek and classy keepsake to remind him of your wedding day.

Comic Style Portrait


@trescoco try searching da Internet hon
@Iris Hall I'm with u! Ask a man not what a girl should think would b the best gift
My boyfriend would love the comic strip one! I wish it wasn't so expensive. Anyone know another company that does something like these? Or the Andy Warhol design?
Heather Jensen
Oh no! That is horrible! I'm sorry Sandra. :(
It is Nice
Iris Hall
These look like girl gifts. Not something a man would truly appreciate.
Jenny O'Hara
@Dee Pritchard check out some more of the options at personalizationmall.com They are pretty reasonably priced for personalized gifts. Or you can always check out my DIY Valentines Gifts for men, most of them can be used as anniversary presents as well. http://diy.allwomenstalk.com/diy-valentines-day-gifts-for-your-man
Jenny O'Hara
@Sandra G awwwww! That's so sad! I'm sorry he didn't appreciate all the thought you put into his gift :-/. I know how that feels and it hurts. Hopefully he appreciates future presents!
Sandra G
One year I took months looking at photos of our life together with our beloved dog that's now deceased and presented it to my husband. I had it made into a calendar for his office, I was so excited for him to open it. He didnt like it and said it was a gift you would give to a female... The calendar never made it to any wall but sat collecting dust on top of our dresser. I was a tiny bit sad that I put so much into it and he didnt like it. I finally threw it away. Meh.
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