5. The World Doesn't Need to Know about You

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You don't need the world's approval.

You don't need the country to know your name.

As long as you have one person in the world that matters to you, you'll be happy.2

Their attention will feel more meaningful than the attention of millions of people around the globe ever could.

You Can Miss More than You Can Love


I believe Nicholas Sparks quoted that last quote in a Walk to Remember. It was an unforgettable line lol unless John Greene helped write the book?
Wow I love them so deep
Love them!!
I will certainly pick up a John green book next time I go to the library!
Beautiful quotes. I love them!
Beautiful quotess
I must say though, that last quote cannot be from him, unless he had anything to do with a walk to remember , because that line is said in that movie and I will mever forget it. And now that I'm on the topic, The fault in our stars is very similar to a walk to remember.
This made my day !! Thanks 😊
one of the most talented authors, whose books I had and still have the luck to read
one of the most talented authors, which books I had and still have the luck to read
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