8 Sweet Love Tips for a Leo ...


Now, I actually have a Leo as a girlfriend and these love tips for a Leo really helped me understand her a bit better!

If you're in a relationship with a Leo or hey, you Leos out there, if you want to know what you are like in a relationship, you've got to take a look at my love tips for a Leo!

We all know that Leos are passionate, confident and they are full of drama, but they are also super loyal and can really keep a relationship interesting!

1. Lots of Drama

Leos thrive on drama.

They like to stir the pot a little and they really like to keep it interesting.2

If you're in a relationship with a lion, one of my love tips for a Leo revolves around the fact that drama is part of their life.

That doesn't mean that drama is going to cause fighting, but it does mean that they don't want a relationship that is boring.

Full of Passion


Heather Jensen
HI Aisha! Here you go! ;) http://love.allwomenstalk.com/note-worthy-love-tips-for-an-aries/
Aisha khan
@ heather : plz post one about Aries :) thanx.
Aisha khan
Hey. Same here. I'm a Leo. N this describes me exactly. Though I like confidence in ppl , still the love of my life is a really shy guy. An Aries. .. :)
In my little "social group" the three people who seem to take charge, me and my two friends, were all born within a span of 6 days, and we're all Leo's... Somehow, we work well together! I was smiling at how Leo's love to be in charge, and that's us three to a T!
Lol I'm a Leo . This is me . I hate drama though ! But it occurs often in my life -.- .
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thanks for the comment!!
I'm a Leo, and this is a 100% true!! Wow!!
My boyfriend is a Leo
I'm a total Leo! You pretty much just described me, yeah I'm a writer. But one thing that's different is my partner is actually very shy. I am attracted to confident people mostly but I guess this one was very special :)
Brenda Breton
I agree completely and I'm married to a Leo! I guess we are alike.
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