8 Sweet Love Tips for a Leo ...


Now, I actually have a Leo as a girlfriend and these love tips for a Leo really helped me understand her a bit better!

If you're in a relationship with a Leo or hey, you Leos out there, if you want to know what you are like in a relationship, you've got to take a look at my love tips for a Leo!

We all know that Leos are passionate, confident and they are full of drama, but they are also super loyal and can really keep a relationship interesting!

1. Lots of Drama

Leos thrive on drama.

They like to stir the pot a little and they really like to keep it interesting.

If you're in a relationship with a lion, one of my love tips for a Leo revolves around the fact that drama is part of their life.

That doesn't mean that drama is going to cause fighting, but it does mean that they don't want a relationship that is boring.

Full of Passion


Heather Jensen
Ha! :) That's awesome! :) Thank you for the comment!
Lee Sharma
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Sam Ruiz
I'm a leo and i agree with everything! Even if i try to avoid drama, when someone starts with me, there's no stopping! I fight till the end and I usually win :) leo pride!
Ela Alejandra
I can agree with all of this 100%, except number 1. I've actually been dealing with a lot of drama lately and I absolutely HATE it; other than that, this is soo me hahah(:
I agree with this also ... Im a proud Leo!!! The drama thing was questionable because I do NOT like it but 'I do' enjoy excitement and say boo!! On being dull!!!!
Monique Rodgers
My ex is a Leo.. This is 100% true. Lol
Tiffeny Young
Truth! Rawr!
Amie Sills
I'm a Leo and I agree with all except #1...... I personally don't like drama.... I don't like confrontation and I try to avoid it ... But other than that I agree
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's awesome! :)
As I was reading this, I had a huge smile on my face cause most of it was true! I hope whoever I end up with reads this!
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