7 Sweet Reasons to Date a Bibliophile ...


When it comes to sweet reasons to date a bibliophile, I have no shame admitting that I'm biased for having plenty.

There's something inherently beautiful about being able to lose yourself so wholeheartedly in the struggles and triumphs of a story so far from (and yet so close to) your own, immersed in a connection so deep that it's sometimes hard to pull yourself out of.3

Falling for someone who can feel so fully, is quite pensive and open-minded to fresh ideas can go a long way to spicing up your love life.

If you need further proof, these sound reasons to date a bibliophile just may help you open your eyes to what's already in front of you.

1. Because They Read

One of the many reasons to date a bibliophile is the simple fact that he or she reads.

If you aren't sure how this bears any significance in relation to your love life, think about it for a second.

People who love reading are used to putting their heart and soul into the stories and characters that they fall in love with.This only indicates just how passionate they can be when it comes to things or people that are important to them.

2. Because They're Smart

In a study conducted by UC, Berkeley associate professor Anne E.

Cunningham, the correlation between intelligence and the act of reading was explored.

In the article titled "What Reading Does for the Mind," it was revealed that people who read consistently engage their mind by using a higher level of thinking, and that "[r]eading has cognitive consequences that extend beyond its immediate task of lifting meaning from a particular passage." What could be more attractive than someone who is logical, analytical and rational?2

3. Because They're Creative

If you are searching for someone who can be creative when it comes to planning dates, you don't need to look any further.

According to a recent study by the University of Toronto, readers are creative thinkers because of the fact that they have “less need for stability and certainty.” You'll find that quite a few readers are more than willing to just go with the flow and are open to adventure.

Because They’re Open-minded
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