7 Sweet Reasons to Date a Writer ...


While this may seem completely biased, the reasons to date a writer are infinite.

When it comes to romantic outings, there are copious possibilities regardless of your interests.

This is due in part to writers being well-versed in almost every topic.

Here are a few reasons to date a writer that only scrape the surface of the metaphorical iceberg;

in other words, the ways for you to fall in love with these word aficionados are endless.

1. No Chance of Miscommunication

As a person who is skilled at getting his or her point across in infinite ways, the low level of potential miscommunication is definitely one of the best reasons to date a writer.

There's no chance of you not understanding why he's mad at you for not taking the trash out or why she's upset that you skipped out on kitchen duties.

Well, one can dream.

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