7 Sweet Things 🍭 to Tell Your Man More πŸ’¬ if You Want to Boost the Love πŸ’‘ ...


Even though sometimes actions speak louder than words, good communication is still the key to a happy, healthy and successful relationship.

Men like to feel respected and appreciated by their significant other, so here are a few words you can use on your man that will make him feel loved and appreciated.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to communicate thanks to all those advancements in technology, so why not learn a few sweet sayings that you can use on your man the next time he is feeling a little bit down?

Here are 7 sweet things you should tell your man more often to make him feel loved:

1. β€œI’m Proud of You.”

Everyone likes to hear that from time to time, but for most men this is different.

When you tell them this, they actually understand that they met all your expectations, so they really feel accomplished and proud.

It’s validation for all their hard work and they will feel more loved and respected.

2. β€œI Believe in You.”

This actually means β€œI know you can do it.” Men like to know that their significant other is encouraging their endeavors, that they always have a shoulder to lean on and someone to be there for them through all the tough times.

Men want to know that you have faith in their skills and in their ability to succeed.

3. β€œI Trust You.”

Who wouldn’t want to hear that from their partner?

Trust is a big part of a relationship and men work really hard sometimes to win their partner’s trust and affection.

Just tell your loved one that you know they will make the right choices, that they will be able to solve major life problems and that they will handle situations accordingly.

4. β€œI Will Always Put You First.”

Men like to know that they are a priority in their partner’s life.

Just tell your loved one more often that they are the most important person in the world for you, that you would do anything to make them happy and that you will always put them first.

β€œI Feel like the Luckiest Person in the World.”
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