7 Sweet Ways to Love Your Better Half without Smothering Him ...


Nobody likes to be smothered and that's that.

How do you show your love without making him feel like he's drowning in it?

Guest contributor Talia tells you how!

We love our boyfriends but is there such a thing as loving them too much?

Sometimes we really need to give men their space.

1. Know That Smothering is an Act of Insecurity

Many of us are insecure in relationships, especially at the beginning of one.

It's important to not let our anxiety about oneself or the relationship ultimately drive our relationships.

Trust in one another's feelings and give everything time.

I mean you're already with the guy, right.

Be happy.

Smothering Comes off Needy and Desperate


Jade Rhianna Hitchen
This is more like "why smothering is bad" than actual ways to show affection without smothering/being clingy and neurotic :/
Great reminder. :)
Vix Carvelli
this was so great thank you! both men and women can benefit from these pieces of advice. kudos Talia!
I disagree on the apology part. I'm waiting for one for over 2 years now and he knows it's way overdue but still can't admit he went so out of line most women would have kicked him out the very moment
Good stuff!
Lillian Blue
Love this article! It really helped!
I can really relate to all of this. Great article!
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