7 Technology Based Date Ideas for Long Distance Couples ...


There are dozens of date ideas for long distance couples.

As you should already know, you don't have to be sitting next to each other in order to have fun.

With all of the technology that currently exists, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some of the greatest date ideas for long distance couples:

1. Value Video Games

You don't have to buy violent video games that require you to kill people while you chat through a headphone.

You can buy a peaceful game like Animal Crossing, so that you can have pleasant visits to each other's towns and send each other gifts.

When you don't know how to spend your time apart, video games can provide plenty of great date ideas for long distance couples.

2. Special Skype Dinner

When you live far apart, you rarely get the opportunity to eat together, and have your partner see you with sauce dripping down your chin.

In order to fix that, schedule a dinner time so that you can skype while eating.

To make it feel like you're together, cook the same meal, so that you're chowing down on the same thing.

3. Magical Movie Night

Pick a movie or TV show you both want to watch, and then pick up your cell phone.2

If you're watching it live, then you can talk about things as they happen.2

If you're both starting your own DVD copy of a movie or watching it on Netflix, make sure you press play at the same time so that you don't spoil things for each other.

4. Beat Board Games

You don't have to be sitting next to someone in order to challenge them in your favorite board game.

The internet is a miraculous place filled with games.

You can play scrabble or monopoly against your sweetheart over your computers.

It'll be just like the real thing.

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