7 Tell-tale Signs It's Time to End Your Long Distance Relationship ...


There are a lot of signs it’s time to end your long distance relationship. Some are less obvious than others, while sometimes you just know. If you’re thinking about your relationship and looking for signs it’s time to end your long distance relationship, you’ve come to the right place. These are just a few signs though, when it comes down to it, it’s up to you to decide if your long distance relationship is in jeopardy or not.

1. You’re More Sad than Happy

If you spend more time sad than happy, it’s time to end your long distance relationship. You may have your happy moments, but if the time you spend fighting outweighs that, it’s not worth it. You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy more than sad. No relationship is made up of 100% happy moments all the time, but if the bad moments are outweighing the good, this might be one of those signs it’s time to end your long distance relationship.

You Don’t Care Anymore


Alex MacDonald
Communication is most important in long distance relationships. It doesn't matter how it is you communicate, make an effort in any way you feel comfortable of "talking". If you don't speak often, then it might not be best to continue.
Hi everybody! I am too in a long distance relationship for 1,5 year. He leaves in a country next to mine. I met him on my first visit there. I have visited him four times and he has never come here. I...
My husband and I were in a long distance relationship for 5 years. He is here in Cali and I was in the Philippines. We saw each other for 3 weeks every year. It was hard but if you put effort in it, e...
I'm in a long distance relationship right now. Yes it's challenging. But when you truly love each other, then you will try to make it work. My boyfriend has no way of coming up to visit in the near fu...
@Zaya Miller I've been in a LDR for 2.5 yrs and I'm not sure when we'll be back together, so I know how it is. Good luck with everything and keep being strong!
Zaya Miller
I've been in long distance relationship for 3 years.. We see each other only in summer.. If we count the day that we spent together it'll be about only 3 months.. 3 years of 3 months, unbelievable huh...
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