2. Listen to the Words He's Using

When a guy really likes a girl, he actually thinks about the words he is using – or he fumbles over them.

If you notice one or the other, maybe that is one of the signs he likes you!

Truthfully girls, you really want to make sure that you pay attention to your crush when he talks to you, you'll be able to notice some of the subtle hints that he might like you!2

See How He Treats You Compared to Other Girls


So I like this guy at school I need some help
so i have a pretty good one. i kept running into nick in town about three times and finally he ask me to hang out so i did that day with him had a great time to, his buddies came along and one of his friends was with us the whole time (tiezan) i ended up going to nicks house with him and we had sex i haven't had sex in over a year so i was just horny and attracted to him and tiezan was sleep in the living room anyway i left in the morning i saw them both that night at a local hang out spot and i tiezan had been starring at me a couple times and Nick was being very polite with me too so 3am rolls around and tiezan hits me up on fb and ask what am i up to, so i asked him at 2pm why did he message me n not nick, tiezan said that just how he is he makes sure everyone gets home from a good night and everyone is safe so i replied that was nice we need more ppl like that he also stated I'm not tryna get at you somewhat have spoken to nick after this but he tried to have a day session i didn't like that so i procrastinated and eventually just didn't go. a couple days later tiezan hits me up again on fb he asked how have i been told me he was board he lol'd a lil over something i said and then he eventually asked me what i was doing later i told him nothing and he then invited me to hang out with him and some of his friends so i was going to go then it change to just me n him hanging out but it was already 11:30pm and he was talking about hanging out at his house so i politely declined i told him i shouldn't and i was going to sleep he said ok fo sho homme,i only meant i shouldn't cause i had to work at 6am and also i was just with his friend nick i haven't spoke to nick since tiezan i dont know what to think of this meaning tiezan whats the motive or purpose is he really just being polite or does he think ima screw him to easy cause that was a mistake with nick i was drunk I'm not always drunk but tiezan is very handsome though tiezan- libra man Nick-Capricorn man, i need thoughts plz
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