2. Listen to the Words He's Using

When a guy really likes a girl, he actually thinks about the words he is using – or he fumbles over them. If you notice one or the other, maybe that is one of the signs he likes you! Truthfully girls, you really want to make sure that you pay attention to your crush when he talks to you, you'll be able to notice some of the subtle hints that he might like you!

See How He Treats You Compared to Other Girls


If you do ask him out, let him set the date, or ask for a date where he is comfortable. within a week's span is usually OK right? Also, he might not like those comments ppl make about "you two". Maybe...
(my opinion:)do you like being used for erotica? if so don't bother asking, if so ask. Being afraid to ask IS why you should ask sometimes, I think.
Plus people say we have a love/hate relationship but that we should date or even get married. :D
hey girlies! Well, there's this guy (let's call him R) and I've asked him out before and he said no explaining that he had something on that day. I've worked up the nerve to ask him again because of t...
So my cousin introduced me to his best friend and he's so cute and charming. The first night we met we were at a bar and he was supposed to go to a party but told my cousin that he wanted to stay beca...
@Heather, hi Heather, im new to this and i dont really know how to use it. Do i just click on u and reply wherever please explain to me??
He's one of my best friends and we're in the same major. I've known him since August and we're really good friends. I've fallen for him pretty hard and I think about him every day. He's put off some s...
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