3. See How He Treats You Compared to Other Girls

Do you notice that your crush treats most girls like one of the guys but he treats you like perfection, like a lady?

Well, that is definitely one of the signs he likes you!

A guy won't treat a girl like a lady if he doesn't really like her.

Signs of Nervousness


Hi Anon! I think you might actually just have to ask him. It might be a good idea to be straightforward, that way you can see if it is worth your time! ;)
I really like your tips but I met this guy and we became friends easily. I also introduced him to my roommate and we hang out often. I've started liking him but I don't know if he feels the same. We text sometimes and he doesn't have my roommate's number. He always looks directly in my eyes when talking to me. And he keeps talking about partying or drinking jokingly. We have gone out and he made a move on my roommate when he was pretty intoxicated. But he has shown no interest in her since then and he keeps talking about having drinks constantly with me. I'm confused. I never really know how to respond to a comment like "popping bottles" so I just laugh it off. How can I respond wittingly and how can I tell if he likes me or my roommate?
Hey Jocie! Since you are aware of your smacking, I'd just see if you can consciously stop it. :) As far as your ex, I'd talk to him a little bit -- maybe see if he likes you, if he does, I'd definitely break up with your current boyfriend. :)
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