4. Signs of Nervousness

Guys typically have a ton of nerves built up when they are in front of a girl that they like.

If the guy is fidgeting constantly, shifting his weight and won't make eye contact, that could be one of the signs he likes you!

Just watch out for signs of nervousness ladies, then make sure to calm him down, he'll like you even more for understanding!

Mimicking Signs


Sorry hun but he just sounds like a player to me.
Hey there, Welcome to AWS! Well, try and talk to him online and if that goes well, make plans to meet and hang out with him if not alone then with a bunch of friends. I hope things go well. Good luck!
if u really wanna know he likes u then tel him tht u have boy friend then see his reaction.
Lily Suzanne
im really shy to ask his boy out my friends told me that he likes m and i like him too but idk iff its true
I'm going in to 8th grade and theres this guy I like. I liked him in 3rd grade and he liked me, but then he moved. He moved back In 6th grade and now I reay like him again. He was like in love with this one girl but at a party the other night he said he didn't like her anymore and he didn't like anyone. Whenever we are in class together I catch him looking at me. He also will make faces at me to try to get me to laugh, and we' ll have staring competitions. He teases me and flirts with me. I probably won't see him again till the start of school. What should I do?
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