4. Signs of Nervousness

Guys typically have a ton of nerves built up when they are in front of a girl that they like. If the guy is fidgeting constantly, shifting his weight and won't make eye contact, that could be one of the signs he likes you! Just watch out for signs of nervousness ladies, then make sure to calm him down, he'll like you even more for understanding!

Mimicking Signs


Okay. So. I like this guy at school. We had a class together... I haven't talked to him much. We met eyes a lot in class though, but he was always slightly indifferent to it. But I saw him at the mall...
Hey Anon! Honestly, I'd say that he does like you, the fact that he ditched you two times though, that's a little concerning. I'd maybe talk to him about it? Maybe see if you can understand why he ...
Hey sweetie, Welcome to AWS! If you think you need more time to make up your mind, by all means, take all the time you need. If he really likes you, he wont mind waiting. Get to know him better, hang ...
By the way my name is alex
By the way my name is alexis
Hi heather, So there's this guy i like and i talk to him all the time we used to hang out all the time and i've sent him notes in class and my friend would later tell me that he would take the notes ...
This guy asked me out... but I've only known him for (at most) like two days and he's asking me out. I've NEVER had a boyfriend before and I don't know what to do - he's going too fast. So far, I've j...
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